Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

As cars become increasingly complex in design, there are more places for oil to leak from.

If you see oil on your driveway or garage floor, or smell a burning smell coming from your vehicle, you need to set up an appointment at your local auto repair shop to have the source of the leak diagnosed.

An oil leak can lead to an array of other issues. Oil leaks can saturate and cause problems with other components of your car including belts, hoses, and electrical equipment. The oil saturation on those components can shorten their lifespan and compromise their integral function. This will leave you with even greater problems and costlier repair expenses if left unaddressed.

At our auto repair shop, we recommend a thorough diagnostic inspection in the presence of an oil leak. During that diagnostic, we will clean and degrease the oily areas. Then we will add UV leak dye to the oil and use a UV detection light to find where the leak is coming from. This process allows us to properly identify and repair the leak, saving time and money.

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