Why Your Car’s Heater Isn’t Working

Why Your Car’s Heater Isn’t Working

Why won’t my car heat up? First, we need to understand if the car’s heater is malfunctioning or if the car’s engine is actually having an issue reaching operating temperature.

  1. The vehicle engine is not reaching operating temperature and causing the air to come through cool. This could be caused by a malfunction or issue in the cooling system. This system consists of the thermostat, water pump, radiator, heater core, and multiple hoses and fittings.
  2. The air coming from the vents is not warm. Sometimes the car is heating up, however you are not feeling the heat from the actual HVAC system. This means the cooling system is functioning properly, but the climate control may be malfunctioning.

We need to locate the deficiency by doing a thorough diagnostic. This ensures that we identify the root cause and enables us to replace specific components that will fix the problem.

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why won't my car heat up

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