Can I Trust My Mechanic?

Can I Trust My Mechanic?

Have you ever been to an auto shop for what seems to be an isolated issue, only to find out that the vehicle is in need of more repairs? While these repairs might be important for the proper operation of the vehicle- its very difficult for the average person to know if those repairs are urgent or even necessary. Here are some tips on how to know for sure: 

Ask for explanations and photos

Many auto shops use technology that would allow for them to take photos of the issues they are seeing. If not provided, ask for those. Do not be afraid to ask questions. You may not have mechanical experience, but the shop you are working with should be able to break down their estimate of work for you enough for you to understand. 

Get a second opinion

If you are questioning a diagnosis or recommended repair that a shop has suggested, it’s ok ask for another opinion or see if another reputable repair facility has any availability for an inspection or diagnosis of your vehicle. This can have an associated cost with a diagnostic but can often confirm a required repair or recommended maintenance item. You will come away with two things. One, a better understanding of the work that needs done to the vehicle and secondly, a peace of mind about the amount of money you need to spend. 

See what others have to say

Other car owners have been in your exact same position before. Their advice can be helpful. Make sure and check out Google reviews to see how your local auto shop stacks up! 

Eurotechnik Hendersonville NC 28739

Here at Eurotechnik, we pride ourselves in being trustworthy. We provide proper photos and descriptions for our recommendations. Our team of service advisors can walk you through your estimate and suggest repairs. We encourage our customers to check out our Google reviews for references to our work. 

We service all European car brands- including BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Audi. We would love to give you a second opinion on your repairs! 

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