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Everyone was so friendly and professional. They took me home, and then picked me up when my car was ready. Phenomenal service! I just moved to town, and I have definitely found my go-to repair shop!
Jennifer C.
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These guys really took care of me! They worked with me in every way possible! I can't say enough good things about them! I was really blessed to have found them! Thank you so much for everything you do!"
Rod M.
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Kevin and the crew at Eurotechnik worked on my 1976 Mercedes 280C. It had not been driven much in over 4 years and needed lots of work. They installed a new carburetor, fuel pump, gas tank and lots of belts and hoses.
TOM t.
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Eurotechnik is a terrific find for all of your Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, etc. repairs needs. Specializing in personalized service, Kevin greets you with a big hello and how can I be of help attitude. Joe is in the back working all the mechanical magic, to fix any
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Great shop total professionals. The new car dealers could learn something from these boys. good prices, professional, knowledgeable service and really nice guys to deal with can't beat it.
Jay C.
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