What Does An Oil Change Consist Of?

What Does An Oil Change Consist Of?

Here at Eurotechnik, we take great pride in the level of service we offer our customers! Even seemingly small services such as oil changes require expert attention and detail. We recommend an annual oil change for most of our customers. Here are the steps we take when you come in for an oil change:

  1. Drain the engine oil
  2. Replace the oil filter (and oil filter o-rings if applicable)
  3. Replace the engine oil drain plug sealing crush washer or the entire drain plug (depending on the vehicle)
  4. Add the specified quantity of engine oil
  5. Check the oil level and correct as needed
  6. Reset the maintenance reminder

Along with every oil change, we do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. This inspection is delivered to each customer in a digital format. The inspection report shows any issues that need monitored over time. Because of the level of care we take with each vehicle, our oil changes take longer than you may be used to if you frequent an express oil center. Have no fear! We have a shuttle service available to take you anywhere within a 10 mile radius of our auto repair shop!

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