Why does my BMW shut off when I stop?

Why does my BMW shut off when I stop?

Are you surprised when your BMW turns off while sitting at a red light? Many modern vehicles have the Auto Start-Stop feature. This is a function that turns your car’s engine off whenever you come to a stop.

The Auto Start-Stop helps your car maintain better fuel economy and reduces emissions. Especially when you are driving in the city, your car will use less fuel while idling at stop lights.

You may be surprised that this feature is designed to put less stress on your engine, as well. Ideally this means that your engine will face less wear and tear over time.  

Can I turn this feature off?

Oftentimes, there is a button next to your car’s Ignition button that will turn this feature off until your next engine start. The button typically has an “A” with a circle around it. Your BMW is not designed to have this function turned off permanently. You will have to turn it off every drive cycle if you choose to do so.

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