Why Do I Need To Keep Adding Oil To My Car?

Why Do I Need To Keep Adding Oil To My Car?

There are several reasons why people have to keep adding oil to their cars.

One of the most common reasons why cars consume oil is due to normal engine wear and tear. Engine components wear down over time. This wear can lead to small gaps between the parts, allowing oil to seep through and burn off. As a result, drivers must keep adding oil to maintain the proper level.

Another reason why cars consume oil is due to oil leaks. Engine gaskets, seals, and other components can deteriorate over time. This deterioration leads to oil leaks. These leaks can cause oil levels to drop, leading to potential engine damage if the oil level gets too low.

Drivers should not ignore low oil levels, as it can lead to significant engine damage. Avoid this damage by:

  1. Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.
  2. Addressing oil leaks promptly.

If you are having to add oil between oil changes, you should get an appointment at your Local Auto Shop. This will determine if the oil consumption you are experiencing is normal or if it is due to a bigger issue.

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